Our Staff, Station and Apparatus

Unit #       Rank                  Name                                                                           Certifications

1100     Chief               Steve Carrell                 Firefighter I, EMR, Hazmat Ops, FOST, TRA, Autism, Sids, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300, Wmd, ERDI Diver

1101     Asst Chief        Nathan Mader               Treasurer, Firefighter II, EMT, Instructor I, Fire Investigator I, Fire Officer I, Hazmat Ops, D/O Mobile Water Supply, Vehicle & Machinery Ops, TRA, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300, 400, 701, 702, 703, 704, 706, Autism, Sids, DOSE, Wmd, Rfn, Start Triage

1102     Captain            Pat Gamble                  Second Class FF, EMR, Hazmat Ops, TRA, Autism, Sids, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300,

1103     Lieutenant       Nick Pennington          Vice President, Mandatory FF, NIMS 700, 100, CPR

1110     Firefighter       Phillip Meek                  Mandatory FF, NIMS 700, 100, DOSE, CPR

1111     Firefighter       Clint Galloway              Firefighter I, EMR, Hazmat Ops, TRA, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, Autism, Start Triage, ERDI Diver

1112     Firefighter       Hunter Young                 Mandatory FF, Module B FF, Hazmat Ops, TRA, NIMS, Autism, Start Triage, CPR


1114     Member          Corey White                   CPR                 

1115     Firefighter       Gary Fagg                     Firefighter II, EMR, Hazmat Ops, Rope Rescue Ops,

1116     Firefighter       Michelle Jones              Mandatory FF, CPR

1117     Firefighter       Mike Livesay                 Mandatory FF, CPR

1118     Firefighter       Chris Shields                 First Class FF, EMR, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300, Autism, Wmd, Rfn, Start Triage,

1119     Firefighter       Shawn Garner               Mandatory FF, NIMS 700, 100, CPR

1120     Firefighter       Jim Oliver                      Firefighter II, EMR, Hazmat Ops, Extrication, Rope Rescue Ops, TRA, NIMS, ERDI Diver

1121     Firefighter       Zack Gunter                   Firefighter II, EMR, Hazmat Ops, TRA, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, Autism, Sids, Start Triage, Wmd, Open Water Diver

1122     Firefighter      Cheryl Fagg                   Secretary, Module A Firefighter, EMT, Hazmat Ops, TRA, NIMS       

1123     Member          Stormy Caldwell            CPR

1124     Firefighter       Marcia Oliver                 Firefighter II, EMT, Extrication, Rope Rescue Ops, NIMS

1125     Firefighter       Steve Mader                  First Class FF, NIMS 700, 100

1126     Firefighter       Matt Wingler                  Firefighter II, EMR, Hazmat Awareness, TRA, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300, Autism, Sids, Start Triage, RFN, ERDI DIver

1127     Open

1128     Open      

1129     Firefighter       Shawna Mader       Training Officer, Firefighter II, EMR, Instructor I, Hazmat Ops, Extrication, TRA, NIMS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300, Autism, Sids, DOSE, Wmd

1130     Open

1131     Open

1132     Open

1133     President         Don Meek                     President, lifetime member, CPR

RET      Lifetime           Ed Rollings                   Retired, lifetime member

Junior FF- (16-17) year old member in training that can respond on emergency runs for non-hazardous help

Cadet FF- (14-15) year old member in training that can help with station duties

Firefighter- non certified firefighting member

Mandatory FF/ Module A FF- entry level State certified firefighter

Firefighter I- second level up State certified firefighter

Firefighter II- highest level State certified firefighter

Second Class FF- old semi-equivelent to Firefighter I

First Class FF- old semi-equivelent to Firefighter II

CPR- cardiopulmonary resusitation & AED certified

EMR- Emergency Medical Responder- previously first responder, basic level prehospital medical care- State certification

EMT- Emergency Medical Technician- basic technician level prehospital medical care- State certification

Paramedic- (Can only perform BLS skills with us) highest technician level prehospital medical care- National / State license

Hazmat Awareness- entry level State certification for hazmat incidents

Hazmat Ops- Operations level State certification for basic hazmat incidents/ decon

Hazmat Tech- Technician level State certification for advanced hazmat incidents

Instructor I- State certified to teach basic fire classes

FOST- Fire Officer Strategy and Tactics- basic fire officer- State certification

Fire Officer I- second level fire officer- State certification

TRA- Technical Rescue Awareness- basic State certification- required for advanced technical rescue, operations level, certifications

Rope Rescue Ops- State certification for Operation level rescues involving rope rescue

Vehicle & Machinery Ops- State certification for Operation level Vehicle & Machinery rescues

Extrication- State certification for vehicle extrication rescues (now included in firefighting classes/ V & M Ops)

Fire Investigator I- basic level State certification to investigate origin & cause of fires

D/O Pumper- State certification for advanced training in driving and operating fire engines (pumpers)

D/O Mobile Water Supply- State certification for advanced training in driving and operating tankers (tenders) and water delivery

NIMS- National Incident Management System- National certification for coordinating small to large scale incidents (many different levels)

SIDS- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome training- State certification

DOSE- Direct On Scene Education- training to recognize and help educate parents of infants on safe sleeping conditions to prevent SIDS

WMD- Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness- National certification

Autism- State certification for responding to autistic kids and adults

Start Triage- State certification in the "Start" method of triage in multi patient medical emergencies

RFN- Responding to Functional Needs, training for responding with victims that have physical, cognitive, or emotional conditions- State certification

Our training tower is built thanks to help from a Owen County Community Foundation grant, other funding sources, and many hours of labor from the members of the department to build it. We have many small things to add to it to facilitate more training evolutions. We are very happy how it has turned out. Some trainings include:

Rope & Ladder bailout, Roof ventilation, Denver drill, Nance drill, Forcible entry door, Search, Stairs hoseline advance, Standpipe operations, Sprinkler, shutoff, 2nd & 3rd story ladder drills, Basement window escape, Wall breach, Wire box, Restricted opening SCBA drill, Utility shut offs, PIV prop

We are a small volunteer fire department based in Cataract, Indiana. In December of 1971, several concerned families, recognizing the need for better fire protection in the area, held the first fire department meeting to plan how to provide fire protection for the community. This was the start of the Cataract Volunteer Fire Department. The first trucks were stored around town until a fire station was built. The current facility was built in 1975 with renovations and an addition added in 2000. Located in the beautiful hills of southern Indiana, we proudly protect 1750 residents of the Town of Cataract, Jennings Township, and western Montgomery Townships in northern Owen county as well as providing mutual and automatic aid throughout northern Owen and southern Putnam counties. We provide fire protection, BLS non-transport medical services (in conjunction with Owen County EMS), vehicle extrication, water rescue, rope rescue as well as any other need we are requested for. Two thirds of our operating budget comes from our fundraisers and donations so your continued support is greatly appreciated and needed.

We currently run 4 trucks out of our fire station:

Engine 111: 1991 International Sutphen 4 door 1000 Gallon Poly Tank, 1000 gpm Hale Pump. Certified for BLS- non transport, carries a full set of extrication equipment, wildland tools, water rescue equipment, and stokes basket. Placed in service with our department in 2011.

 Tanker 115: 2007 Kenworth/Deep South   A combination Pumper/Tanker with a 2000 gallon stainless steel tank, 750 gpm Darley pto pump, 4 SCBAs, ladders, and wildland equipment. This is the only vehicle our department has purchased new thanks to an Assistance to Firefighters Grant. 



Rescue 114: 2015 Ford Interceptor Medical Truck placed in service in 2019. State certified for BLS-Non Transport medical service. Also has 2 SCBAs and other fire and rescue equipment. Primary vehicle used to pull Boat 11. Was purchased from the Owen County Sheriffs Department.

Custom modified and outfitted by the department.

Brush 113: 1986 Toyota Brush Truck built in 2004, 100 gallon poly tank, 100 gpm gas engine pump, wildland & rope rescue equipment. Can also pull Boat 11

Custom built by the department.


 Boat 11: 1950s 14' aluminum flat bottom boat w/ large trolling motor, vests, and other water rescue equipment. We have made this boat light and easy to manually launch as the water areas we cover are not accessible by vehicle.

Former Vehicular Members:

Engine: 1941 Ford engine. PTO driven High pressure piston pump. Sold & ultimately put on display inside Firehouse Pizza in St. Louis, Missouri with Dept markings!

Tanker: 1952 GMC 6x6 2.5 Ton truck with 1000 gallon tank and 225gpm gas pump.  

Engine 111 #1: 1955 Ford/Howe. 750 gallon tank, 500gpm front-mount Darley pump . Purchased from Cloverdale Township. Was removed from service 02/1994 after the 1969 Chevy was put into service. 

Rescue 113 #1: 1970 Dodge Power Wagon. 200 gallon tank and 300gpm gas pump. Removed from service when the current 113 was put into service.

Engine 111 #2: 1969 Chevrolet Spartan/Howe. It had a 750 gallon tank and a 750gpm Waterous pump. Purchased in 1993 as a replacement for the 1955 Ford. It was removed from service in 2008 after a accident crushed the rear of the truck.

Engine 114: 1978 Hahn Engine with a 1000 gallon tank and Hale 1000gpm pump. Sold in 2011 when current Engine 111 was purchased. Truck was used from 2001-2011.


Engine 111 #3: 1977 Hendrickson Engine, 750 gallon tank and a 1250gpm Bean Pump. It was set up with a 5 man cab. It was removed from service as surplus in 2008 after the arrival of Tanker 115.

Tanker 112: 1975 International Tanker with a 1800 gallon tank and gas 225 gpm pump- was sold after acquiring Rescue 114 #1. Truck was used from 1984-2013. A private individual purchased this truck for a special project. 

Rescue 114 #1: 1997 Ford Expedition. Our first solely outfitted medical response vehicle that was removed from service when the current Ford Interceptor was purchased. Truck was used from 2013-2019.

Who is a Volunteer Firefighter?

They are your husband, father or son, (wife, mother, daughter)
They are the laborer, the store owner, the corporate executive,
They are the jogger, sports fan, hobbyist or handyman....
They are just like everyone else, save for one quality,

They are the ones in one thousand who will risk his or her life to save yours;
You'll see them waiting for the train and at the little league game,
You'll see them in every house of worship,
You'll see them in town, proudly wearing the emblem which shows they are a member of a fraternity dedicated to preserving life,

Their car is the one backed into the driveway with the blue light on the dashboard,
Their keys hang by the door and pair of boots stand at their beds,
They take their pagers everywhere for fear they will be missed when they are needed;
They wont complain much about life, they have seen too much suffering for that,
They will tell you the funny side and avoid the stories of pain,
They will be silent during the national anthem and salute when the flag goes by,

They will refer to their comrades as "brothers" and defend their reputations,
They will sacrifice the best of times at the sound of the alarm,
They will return home to many cold dinners and "cold shoulders" too,
They will be burned, cut and bruised, and their lives will be shortened,

For all of this they will receive "no pay"
Their only reward will be self esteem,
You may never know them, but.....
They will be there when you need them.


- Megan, FirefighterNation.com